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Mon-Sat: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
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K&J Warehouse #49, 6A Street, Al Quoz Industial Area 3, Dubai, UAE

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Address K&J Warehouse #49, 6A Street, Al Quoz Industial Area 3, Dubai, UAE
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    Electrical Service

    Here is a list of common electrical services that are typically performed on cars:

    1. Battery Inspection and Testing: Checking the battery condition, terminals, and cables for corrosion, and testing the battery’s performance.
    2. Alternator Testing: Evaluating the alternator’s output and checking for any issues with charging the battery.
    3. Starter Motor Inspection: Inspecting the starter motor’s operation and checking for any faults or malfunctions.
    4. Wiring and Circuit Diagnosis: Identifying and repairing any electrical wiring issues, such as short circuits, open circuits, or damaged wires.
    5. Fuse and Relay Inspection: Checking the fuses and relays for proper functioning and replacing any faulty ones.
    6. Lighting System Repair: Addressing problems with headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, interior lights, and other lighting components.
    7. Power Window and Door Lock Repair: Troubleshooting and repairing issues with power windows and door locks.
    8. HVAC System Repair: Diagnosing and fixing problems with the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, including blower motor issues, faulty switches, or refrigerant leaks.
    9. Audio System Installation and Repair: Installing or repairing car audio systems, including head units, speakers, amplifiers, and wiring.
    10. Diagnostic Scanning: Using specialized tools to scan the car’s onboard computer system for error codes and diagnosing electrical problems

    Affordable and reliable electrical services to keep your car running smoothly.


    Battery Inspection and Testing

    By regularly inspecting and testing the battery, you can ensure its proper functioning, prolong its lifespan, and avoid unexpected breakdowns. It is especially important during extreme weather conditions and before embarking on long journeys to ensure a reliable and safe driving experience.
    AED 100 FREE
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    Alternator Testing

    alternator testing is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the charging system, prevent battery failures, maintain electrical system performance, prevent vehicle breakdowns, and save costs by addressing issues promptly.
    AED 149 FREE

    Computer Diagnosis and Scaning

    Essential for accurate issue identification, efficient troubleshooting, comprehensive system coverage, precise repairs, time and cost savings, and proactive maintenance. It improves the overall diagnostic process, enabling technicians to provide effective and reliable solutions for vehicle owners.
    AED 249 FREE

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